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Bath & body work shower gel cucumber melon

This smell is simply…omg wherein do i start!? This is this kind of top shower gel, it lathers well, and makes your tub bath scent like heaven. Cos whilst you’re getting showered, you want to scent clean and fresh, y’understand, and this does exactly that. The cucumber (that’s so smooth and crisp) does not make you odor like a salad- it’s more like…how do i explain it…ice cubes, freshness- such a clean scent mmmm. Oh and the cantaloupe provides such a pleasant touch. It actually smells precisely like when you open up a fresh juicy cantaloupe, so juicy and melony and candy on the equal time!!! The wonder of melon and the crispness of the cucumber mixture so nicely, it’s going to make you never need to go away the shower!!!!Bath and frame works cucumber melon bathe gel. a high-priced shower gel with moisturizing aloe vera and nourishing vitamin e that lightly smooth, melt and perfume your skin with the perfume of crisp cucumber, watery honeydew, summer time cantaloupe, glowing grapefruit & sheer woods




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