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Bio Syrup Price in Pakistan

The speedy boom and development of kids require higher intakes of many nutrients, minerals, and other vitamins. Bio development is an entire nutrition method specifically designed to help the dietary needs of youngsters, children and young adults for wholesome boom and improvement. Kids hate swallowing capsules; this chewable multivitamin is maximum convenient to take.

Proper increase and improvement consistent with age
Worn-out and weak youngsters
Kids with bad urge for food
Vulnerable cognitive competencies
Youngsters with nutritional deficiency
Protection of overall fitness

About Bio Grow Syrup

Nutrifactor’s bio grow is a food complement, formulated with thirteen essential nutrients to support healthful increase and improvement in children. It’s miles designed to satisfy the dietary desires of developing kids.
Bio grow includes multivitamins such as vitamin a, d, c, e and b-complicated that useful resource in widespread fitness, increase and improvement of youngsters.
It additionally carries iron which contributes to everyday purple blood mobile manufacturing and also supports cognitive functions.
Vitamin d allows to enhance normal boom and improvement of bones moreover it additionally contributes to the ordinary and higher immune system.
It incorporates b-complicated nutrients that facilitate enhancing electricity, reduces fatigue and tiredness.
It also facilitates decorating urge for food and provides whole dietary assist for kids who’re choosy eaters.


  • Give to your children orally:
  • 4-10 years: 1 teaspoon (5ml) per day
  • 11-16 years: 2 teaspoons (10ml) per day
  • Use daily as a food supplement after the meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose


  • It helps to meet children’s developmental needs.
  • It supports the natural process to increase energy production which helps them to feel stronger and more energetic.
  • It may help to eliminate the signs of weakness, poor concentration, suppressed appetizer, and delayed growth.
  • It also improves mental & physical growth by fulfilling their nutritional requirements.



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