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Carex Sitz Bath

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Carex Sitz Bath Price In Pakistan was designed to provide hygiene for patients recovering from episiotomies, hemorrhoids, and other conditions in the genital and anal areas. Features a convenient on/off flow control clip. Fits all standard toilets.


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Product Description

Carex Sitz Bath Imported From USA Now Buy Online In Pakistan

The sitz tub become designed to offer hygiene for patients getting better from episiotomies, hemorrhoids and different situations inside the genital and anal regions. Functions a convenient on/off go with the flow control clip. Fits all standard bathrooms.

Hemorrhoid remedy - hygiene take care of pregnant and postpartum girls - soothe hemorrhoids and put up-episiotomy discomfort, growth blood float for quicker relief and recovery. Last sitz bathtub seating experience, we made our seat wider after which contoured the front edges to mould the lower back of your legs - clever!

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Perineal hygiene is in reality essential for pregnant ladies, and women, postpartum, publish-birth, sitz baths help cleanse & soothe, ideal for vaginal infection, constipation and hemorrhoids as it may sell blood flow to the anogenital region. Bums the phrase! Make yourself a concern - sitz baths can assist soothe, vaginal and yoni irritation, anal fissures, bartholin cysts, and different perineal and perineum illnesses.

We deliver a sitz! Warm water sitz baths continues your bum smooth, cheeky aussies! A soothic sitz tub is a transportable, brief, convenient bathing answer - simply upload warm water and loosen up your tush (94f to 98f recommended) sitz, soak, soothe! Sitz baths are a postpartum have to-have.

Sitz Bath | Product Features 

  • At ease anal postoperative care basin;
  • Designed with long lasting, medical-grade substances;
  • Eco-friendly and safe materials;
  • Length: 15.five x 14.4 x 4.9-inch;
  • Well matched with maximum lavatory seats;
  • Clean to put in;
  • Foldable design for clean storage;
  • Best for put up-partum healing, in addition to hemorrhoids, menstrual cramps, bladder or prostate problems;
  • Hygienic and comfy use;
  • Anti-slip feet;
  • Features bowl vents to save you overflow;
  • Top class customer support.

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There is a reason why so many mamas use the term "fourth trimester" whilst speakme approximately the postpartum period. The ones early weeks after childbirth are for getting to know your toddler; they may be also approximately healing from the inner out. now could be the time to deal with your frame with love and care it deserves and prioritize your healing adventure so you can quick recover. You Can also Buy This Product On BioAqua

Postpartum care and hygiene The use of a soothic sitz bathtub is a extremely good way to hold your perineal smooth whilst supporting it heal at the identical time. Warm and bloodless water sitz baths can assist lessen swelling, and infection pre and submit-start. Use three to 4 times a day for 15 mins and make certain to shop for, then add a number of soothics sitz bath soak which has been specially formulated to treat whatever down under, it uses australian bush critical oils with magnesium epsom salts.


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