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I Pill Tablet


Brand    PIRAMAL
Item Form     TABLET
Quantity     1 TAB
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I Pill Price in Pakistan

The usage of emergency contraception (ec), additionally known as the morning-after tablet, greater than as soon as does no longer have an effect on a woman’s fertility — and it’s going to now not prevent her from becoming pregnant within the destiny.

Ladies should feel unfastened to use ec each time they assume it’s necessary. Ec isn’t recommended as an ongoing form of birth manipulate as it’s no longer as effective at preventing pregnancy as beginning manage methods like the iud, patch, tablet, ring, or shot. Additionally, common use of ec may additionally motive periods to emerge as irregular and unpredictable.

Ec can reduce the chance of pregnancy if commenced inside 120 hours of unprotected vaginal sex. the earlier it is commenced, the higher. If started within seventy two hours of unprotected sex, it could reduce the danger of being pregnant by using 75 to 89 percentage.

I-tablet might also interact with a long listing of herbal dietary supplements or other pills. Earlier than consuming this emergency birth control tablet, consult and tell your health practitioner about the drug treatments already being consumed. If you regularly drink herbal teas or ayurvedic supplements, take a look at the substances to make certain that there are no elements that can motive interactions with this pill.

A few people enjoy moderate nausea whilst first taking the tablet, however, this usually subsides. Taking the pill with meals or at bedtime can also assist.

Birth management must not make humans experience ill all the time. If the nausea is intense or lasts for some months, it’s miles high-quality to speak to a healthcare issuer.

Uses of I Pill in Pakistan

The emergency pill should only be administered by women between the age of 25 and 45. it is not the best method to be adopted by teenagers. With the increase in the rate of teenage pregnancy in India, it is necessary for schools and colleges to consider starting a sex education campaign and educate the youth about the ill effects of contraceptive pills on a developing reproductive system

These contraceptive pills are hormonal pills and their usage for an extended period of time would lead to severe menstrual problems and ovarian damage

According to researchers at isarc, emergency pills can bring down your libido level; cause skin allergies also delay periods in some women. Some women complain about severe headaches which is caused due to hormonal imbalance.




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