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Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Cream in Pakistan

Permit me admit that i did no longer buy this because of the whitening declare as i hardly trust that these creams are able to doing that. All of the results of such creams remaining only for some hours and at the moment crème from lakme is not any distinct. This cream is available in a bathtub similar to their night cream and is journey friendly till you spoil the screw cap. sure, i broke mine when i used to be trying to close the lid, a little more strain and it cracked from numerous locations. I’m wondering if best i confronted such an difficulty. Besides, the cream has a moderate floral perfume which have to not trouble touchy noses. The feel is clean and a little thick but it blends well into the pores and skin. It’s miles more at the matte facet than being creamy.




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