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If loss of firmness and contour definition is ageing your face, it’s time to bounce back, with the NovAge Ultimate Lift Skin Care Set, our advanced-performing routine to restore firmness and elasticity for a lifted look with a delightfully youthful bounce. Powered by patented AspartoLift Technology and Buddleja Plant Stem Cell extract, NovAge Ultimate Lift boosts elastin synthesis and helps to protect the integrity of the skin’s extracellular matrix, enhancing the skin’s elasticity to help lift, firm and redefine facial contours, as well as smoothing out wrinkles.

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The NovAge Bright Sublime Skin Care Set is our advanced-performing routine for skin discolourations and dark spots. Powered by patented Multi-Bright Technology and Gardenia Plant Stem Cell extract, NovAge Bright Sublime helps to suppress melanin production to reveal a lighter, more luminous complexion.


  • NovAge Bright Sublime Brightening Cleanser
  • NovAge Bright Sublime Brightening Toner
  • NovAge Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Eye Cream
  • NovAge Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Multi-Action Essence
  • NovAge Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Day Cream SPF 20
  • NovAge Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Night Cream

Clinically tested on 42 women over 12 weeks †1 Clinically tested result of following the Oriflame Youth Enhancing Skin Care Routine using the NovAge Bright Sublime Skin Care Set, compared with cleanser and serum alone.

NOTE: Users of multiple products may find it takes time for the skin to adjust to an intense skin care regime. If so, we recommend introducing products gradually.


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