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Nu Nutrition Zinc 50mg (Chelated) 30 Tablets In Pakistan

Promotes immune, pores and skin and antioxidant health.Will increase blood flow offer strength and nutrients.Complements the functioning revitalizes the cells and tissues of the crucial organs.Nu nutrients chelated zinc tables promotes a more healthy lifestyle.Promotes health in key areas of reproductive fitness for guys.Product statistics 1 pill serving provides: zinc bisglycinate, chelated zinc – 180mg imparting 50mg (500% nrv) – elemental zincingredientsbulking agents (micro crystalline cellulose, di calcium phosphate) zinc bis-glycinate, anti caking marketers (magnesium stearate, silica dioxide) pretty absorbable premium form of zinchigh dosage – presenting 50mg chelated zinc per pill.Zinc contributes to the everyday function of the immune systemsuitable for vegetarians and vegansgmo free


Nu Nutrition

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  1. osama

    such a great capsuls i like it thanku so much for your services

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