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Reman’s Dooz 14000 Men Delay Spray Tester (5ml X 10 Pcs) in Pakistan

Reman’s dooz 14000 men delay spray tester longtime spray tester
Reman’s dooz 14000 men put off spray tester excellent first-rate
Reman’s dooz 14000 guys delay spray tester lessen oversensitivity. Dooz 14000 (delay spray with nutrition e) desensitizes the penis while sprayed to the head and works within 5 minutes of being sprayed. As soon as used you can have intercourse for up to 10 times longer than formerly. Referred to as stud spray because of your capacity to preserve going longer and satisfy your lucky lady, giving her multiple orgasms.Premature ejaculation is a commonplace circumstance that influences hundreds of thousands (75 percent) of men at one time or some other.
Dooz 1400 reman’s postpone spray with nutrition e . use 15 minutes before sex 2. wash your penis first 3. observe three short sprays at the penis . first on the pinnacle of penis , 2d on the center of penis & 0.33 on underneath part of penis



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  1. majeed

    im very satisfied thanku so much for your services

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