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Roman Sildenafil In Pakistan – Roman offers a free online consultation and unlimited follow-up appointments at no cost. This may be beneficial to people without medical insurance, people with insurance that offers limited coverage, or those who want to save money. It can also be helpful to those who are looking for a more convenient way to get medical treatment from their home. Users simply fill out an online questionnaire with information about their lifestyle, medical history, and health concerns. Within 24 hours, a healthcare professional will evaluate a person’s symptoms to find the best treatment option. If more details are needed, they may also schedule a time for a virtual visit to collect additional information.

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The company offers monthly or quarterly subscriptions for treatments. People can also switch to on-demand deliveries after their first shipment. Prescription medications are fulfilled through the Ro Pharmacy Network and shipped for free within two days. All orders are discreetly packaged, which is beneficial for those who want to ensure privacy. Roman claims to make prescription products easier to access through their subscription-based, telehealth model. What this means is that when you want a prescription for ED medications, hair loss products, or other medication, you go through Roman’s website and answer a few questions.

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You’ll also need to submit a picture of your photo ID and a clear photo of your face. A licensed healthcare professional then reviews your information and, if you are a good candidate for telemedicine, they will fill out the prescription for you. Certain U.S. states require the additional step of doing a video chat with one of Roman’s healthcare professionals. These professionals are doctors with independently owned practices. You may need to submit some additional information, too. If you’re getting a prescription for ED medication, you’ll need to provide an accurate blood pressure reading from within the last 6 months. And if you’re signing up for hair loss medication, you’ll need to provide some photos of your hairline from different angles.




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