SNAP Nitric Oxide

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SNAP Nitric Oxide

SNAP Nitric Oxide In Pakistan – Snap Supplements Nitric Oxide Booster for supporting blood pressure and helping circulation. Help reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases by supplementing your body naturally. Assist lung function and respiratory health. It promotes healthy immune system. Supports overall circulatory health and naturally aids healthy heart function. When you restore your body’s natural supply of nitric oxide you give your cardiovascular system the tools it needs to perform at its peak each day. Don’t let poor limitations keep you from fully experiencing everything life has to offer. Try Nitric Oxide Booster today! 60 Capsules (Pack of 2)The acute generation of oxygen free radicals during reperfusion of ischemic myocardium contributes to ischemia–reperfusion injury [1–4]. These free radicals can react with nucleic acids, proteins and lipids, causing lipid peroxidation, cellular dysfunctionand myocardial stunning 5.

SNAP Nitric Oxide Uses

Nitric oxide (NO) is an important mediator of both physiological and pathological vascular function 6. NO can maintain coronary vasodilator tone, inhibit platelet aggregation and the adhesion of neutrophils and platelets to vascular endothelium, all of which are beneficial effects 7. However, NO can also be cytotoxic when it is involved in inflammatory reactions 8. Thus, the role of NO in myocardial ischemia and reperfusion is contro-versial. Several studies have demonstrated that NO has a cardioprotective effect in myocardial ischemia–reper-fusion injury [9–13]. Supplementation of NO production exogenously, such as by infusion of NO precursors (l-arginine) and NO donors during reperfusion, has been found to be cardioprotective in regional [9,10] or global ischemic heart models [11,12].

SNAP Nitric Oxide Review

SNAP Nitric Oxide In Pakistan The hypothesis of this study was that increasing NO availability by administering a NO donor would increase oxidative flux and worsen reperfusion injury, thus further establishing the NO–peroxynitrite pathway as an important mechanism of reperfusion injury. Our objective was to show that the NO donor S-nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine (SNAP), administered before and during a coronary occlusion reperfusion sequence, increases Asc•– generation and worsens LV dysfunction after reperfusion.However, other studies have found that NO exacerbates ischemia–reperfusion injury via the NO–superoxide–peroxynitrite pathways [14–17]. NO synthase (NOS) inhibitors may be cardioproteciive by prevention of peroxynitrite (O=NOO–) formation from NO and superoxide during reperfusion [14–18].


SNAP Supplement


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