VLCC Breast Reduction Firming Cream


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VLCC Breast Reduction  Cream

VLCC Breast Reduction Cream In Pakistan – VLCC shape up cream for neck and chin comes in an inverted tube in red and grey and is pretty huge so not that easy to carry along. The flip open cap makes it very convenient to use and does not even harm the nails. The consistency of the cream is thick in peach colour but spreads easily. I am using it since a month and have seen really good results. I use it every night but the only sad part is to put in efforts to use a different face cream then followed by this cream for neck and chin area. I had got a double chin and hence I started to use this cream. It has a lovely fragrance which is a mild floral one and lingers around only for like 5 minutes.

VLCC Breast Reduction  Cream Result

It gets absorbed pretty well after a massage of 1 minute which would help it to penetrate. After a month I noticed that my double chin had reduced to a very good extent. The skin used to sag earlier but after using this it had become really firm and looked poised. The area starting from the chin and ending to the neck looked a lot more toned up than before. I did not notice that it made my skin any suppler but it definitely looked young because it tightened up the skin in a beautiful manner and the neck area started to look very delicate. This cream takes time to show results because it is an ayurvedic cream.

VLCC Breast Reduction  Cream Benefits

VLCC Breast Reduction Cream In Pakistan In the first 2 weeks I could not notice anything major and had almost given up but I was like let’s use it for a few more days and see what happens. Finally the changes could be seen after the 2nd week. However the fats near the double chin were less so it became firm in a month and the double chin had gone but it also depends upon the fats near that area; it may take even more time from person to person. Concluding would say that it solved my problem, One of the famous brands comes in the form of VLCC when we talk about women and their body care. VLCC Shape up is one such breast reduction in India cream that provides a firmness to it. They claim that you will start seeing the results in about 21 days. VLCC Breast Reduction cream is ayurvedic and uses organic and natural ingredients. So next time you want someone to envy your good looks and perfect figure, this is it!




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