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Xtend tablets tend overall performance dietary supplements are the solution to your goals. if you want to intensify your love-making, satisfy your lover like never before imagined, and actually boom your penis size. those all-herbal and safe extend capsules could make the distinction between an adequate or a marvellous has been stated that size does now not count, do not believe it. in surveys carried out with heaps of ladies concerning penis enlargement, it’s been cited that 8 out of each 10 ladies claimed that size surely topics. do no longer let a small penis have an effect on your love life. extend is genuinely the appropriate product that allows you to acquire a bigger penis. these all-herbal botanical components will create a longer and larger you. extend is the fastest and easiest manner to obtain the period and girth that your choice in just a relies of some weeks on. you and your partner will be astonished at the results. imagine how extremely joyful and satisfied your associate might be while you recreation the toughest, thickest and longest penis that you have ever had. taking just more than one pills a day is all this is necessary for penis expansion to arise. this one hundred% herbal penis enlargement method is completely secure to use without recognized facet outcomes. by means of using this extraordinary system daily, many patients dramatically expanded their penis length by means of 2 in. (five.08 cm) as much as five in. (12.70 cm) in only a few brief weeks. not most effective have guys suggested fantastic will increase in penis length and thickness, however, also they have been similarly impressed by using the sheer intensity and concentrated strength of their orgasms, no longer to mention their fanatics! substances: pygeum africanum 250mg, maca 125mg, epimedium sagittatum 100mg, oat straw 75mg, Erythroxylum Catuaba 50mg, oriental ginseng 50mg, l-arginine 50mg, nettle leaf 37.5mg, cayenne 25mg, muria puama 25mg, orchic substance 25mg, oyster meat 25mg, Tribulus Terrestris l 25mg, smilax Officinalis 12.5mg, astragalus 10mg, licorice root 10mg, pumpkin seed 10mg, boron 1mg. the tablet coating includes hydrolyzed whey protein, ornithine, HCl, pyridoxine HCL, gelatin, magnesium stearate, and stearic acid.  PRICE IN PAKISTANdirections: take drugs an afternoon with water. repeat this procedure for three to 6 weeks with the intention to reap outcomes.





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