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Diva Breast Cream in Pakistan


Brand DIVA
Item Form CREAM
Quantity 50ml
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Offer 2x Rs5000
Imported From USA

Diva Fit N’ Sexy Breast Cream

New breast firming formula with lift-up effect
Macadamia oil and coenzyme q10 – add a burst of antioxidants for healthier, softer skin
Jojoba oil and sweet almond oil – add suppleness to sagging breasts
Natural lemongrass and apple extract – add a light citrus fragrance
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Saggy breasts got you down? Wish your ladies could have their perky youthful bounce again? It’s time to unleash your inner DIVA with DIVA Fit & Sexy Breast Cream.


Sweet almond oil, wheat germ, and jojoba oil provide the foundation for smoother, softer, and more supple skin while apple, lemongrass, and vitamin E provide a triple punch of antioxidant goodness – a key component in healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Macadamia and Kukui nut oil have been traditionally used in native medicine for their ability to add moisture to the underlying layers of the skin, making them look and feel more supple and minimizing the look of stretch marks.

Co-Enzyme Q10 – also known as CoQ10 helps speed recovery from injury and boosts energy naturally. Your body uses CoQ10 for the energy needed to protect and help the body heal. When applied topically to the breasts, CoQ10 can provide nourishment to the outermost layer of skin cells, where wrinkles, stretch marks, and blemishes can make breasts look saggy and unattractive.


– Improve breast size

– Natural Growth

– Firm Breasts

– Balance Uneven Breasts

– No Side Effects

– Balance Hormones

– Results in Few Weeks

How To USE:

Simply apply our proprietary formula directly to the breast and chest area 1-3 times per day to help the sensitive breast skin and areola gently recover and heal.




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